Nihon Kohden Monitoring Products

Nihon Kohden Patient Monitoring

United Medical Products has teamed up with Nihon Kohden as its largest provider of hospital monitoring products in the North East United States. We offer a full range of Nihon Kohden monitoring products, consultation and training on the  products and the very best in installation. This allows you to focus your attentions on other aspects of your operating room or medical facility construction or redesign knowing that the medical monitoring spectrum has been covered.

Focus on Quality and Reliability

Nihon Kohden products have earned a reputation for quality and long life.
One reason is that all export products and major components are manufactured in our own ISO-9001, EN 46001 certified factories.
Nihon Kohdens rigid test procedures are structured to exceed the provisions of the GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, codes enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration. Nihon Kohden also incorporates accident prevention measures such as our touch-proof DIN connectors which cannot be inserted the wrong way or accidentally inserted into power connectors. Patient and operator safety is our #1 priority.