The functionality, performance and service life of your new Nihon Kohden equipment can depend on proper installation, as well as your staff’s ability to properly use the equipment.

At United Medical Products, Inc., our medical technology experts are manufacturer trained, fully credentialed and fully accredited to install and provide training on all Nihon Kohden products.

Our installation team applies industry best practices and manufacturer guidelines to install equipment the right way the first time. This can be hugely beneficial to our clients when it comes to meeting budget and time restrictions, as well as to enhancing the performance of their Nihon Kohden products, their staff and their facilities.

United Medical Products, Inc. is the leading provider of Nihon Kohden products in the North East U.S.

Offering the full line of Nihon Kohden products, we are highly experienced at integrating products, spaces, processes and people to enhance performance and patient care while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Our entire team – from our sales representatives and installation specialists to our project managers – is highly knowledge about the full line of Nihon Kohden products and can answer your questions. We are ready to help you identify the right equipment for your needs and provide the best in installation (and other) services.

United Medical Products, Inc. Is a Full-Service Medical Technology Provider Building
Smarter, More Integrated Environments & Futures for Caregivers & their Patients

Since 1974, United Medical Products, Inc. has been partnering with hospitals, outpatient clinics and other healthcare facilities to provide the best medical technology solutions to support their current and future needs.

The Nihon Kohden Installation Services at United Medical Products, Inc.

At United Medical Products, Inc., our experts provide superior installation services for all types of Nihon Kohden equipment and for all types of healthcare facilities. We do this via proven processes that include aspects like (but not limited to):

  • Assisting clients in selecting the right Nihon Kohden equipment– After discussing your facility’s needs, our specialists can explain the options and guide you to the best choices. From there, we will work closely with your team to coordinate the next steps for installing and activating your new equipment.
  • Conducting site visits – We will tour your facility, evaluate the space and determine whether the proper power, clearances and other requirements are available to support the equipment. We can also develop custom space plans to optimize the functionality and performance of your Nihon Kohden equipment, as well as the space where it will be housed.
  • Coordinating and overseeing the equipment delivery – We will handle all aspects of the delivery, from scheduling the equipment to be dropped off to inspecting and unpacking the newly delivered products.
  • Installing the Nihon Kohden equipment – Our experienced specialists will develop a detailed scope of work, with specific deadlines, for each phase of the complicated installation process. Our team will apply industry best practices and follow manufacturer guidelines to correctly set up your new Nihon Kohden equipment the right way, the first time.
  • Providing staff training – Once your new equipment has been installed, we can provide helpful staff training, clearly showing your team how to operate the new equipment. This can reduce inefficiencies while promoting the service life of your equipment. As part of this service, we will also inform your staff of the various ways to contact us for customer support and service at any point in the future.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – Our team is proud to offer the best customer service in the industry. We are dedicated to being here for our clients and always ready to provide help and deliver game-changing solutions.

United Medical Products, Inc. installs the complete line of Nihon Kohden products, including (but not limited to):

  • Life Scope G9 Bedside Monitors
  • cap-ONE CO2 Sensors
  • Trackit Ambulatory EEGs
  • NeuroWorkbenches
  • Remote Network Station (RNS)
  • ViTrac
  • Neuralynx
  • Sphinx
  • Ventilator Interfaces
  • Anesthesia Workstation Interfaces
  • CCO, SvO2 and Hemodynamic Monitor Interfaces
  • TOF Monitor Interfaces
  • CO2 Monitor Interfaces
  • Cerebral Oximeter Interfaces
  • Transcutaneous Monitor Interfaces
  • BSM-3500 Series Bedside Monitors
  • OLG-3800 Respiratory Monitor

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For more than 40 years, United Medical Products, Inc. has been a leading, full-service medical technology provider dedicated to creating better, cleaner and more integrated environments for our clients. Our goals are to provide clinically superior equipment, offer the best customer service and enhance the efficiency, accuracy and care provided at your healthcare facility. 

United Medical Products, Inc. is proud to empower hundreds of hospitals and medical offices with customized solutions so they can make the critical changes their patients, employees and bottom line need.  We are also proud to support our clients in making well-informed decisions and providing them with platforms to enhance their services, grow their practices and effectively address their future needs.