Particle trace model of an OR airflow delivery system designed to meet ASHRAE Standard 170 and FGI guidelines. The erratic particle movement is the result of turbulence in the sterile field, created from the <30% gap allowed in airflow delivery.

Particle trace model of an OR airflow delivery system following the same guidelines but using an SLD ceiling system design. With no turbulence in the sterile field, airborne particles are grabbed and swept away from the patient and providers to low level returns.

On SDL High efficiency, low maintenance design offers low watt, low heat gain LED lights, minimal leak paths to maximize filter life and a tough powder coat finish to resist scratches and cleaning agents.

Airframe systems from SLD Technology are truly modular – installing in complete modules and attached to the building structure using a few connection points and requiring little or no additional field assembly beyond pre-determined, factory-integrated connections to services and ceiling hung equipment.

Integrated items include all ventilation, filtration and integral lighting and other electrical components, as well as mounting plates, rails or other connection points for medical gas, audio visual, equipment/lighting booms and imaging equipment. This is in contrast to other ceiling system suppliers that advertise modular construction, but then require that all structural, boom mount, lighting and ventilation components be individually field-installed and integrated.

The performance of your SLD Technology products, as well as the functionality of your space and the productivity of your staff, can hinge on the right design and space plan. At United Medical Products, Inc., our specialists are highly skilled at devising designs and space plans for various types of healthcare facilities and SLD Technology products.

Since 1974, we have been partnering with clients to develop custom, fully integrated design and space planning solutions to enhance the performance and efficiency of their SLD Technology products, their staff and their facilities.

United Medical Products, Inc. is the leading provider of SLD Technology products in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Eastern Ohio.

Our entire team is well trained and highly knowledge about our SLD Technology products and can answer all of your questions. We are ready to connect you with the products and design that can effectively support your facility’s needs now and well into the future.

United Medical Products, Inc. Designs & Builds
Smarter, More Integrated Environments & Futures for Caregivers & their Patients

We also provide the best customer support and the highest quality service for equipment, including installation, training, maintenance and repair.

Optimizing Designs & Space Plans for SLD Technology Products & Healthcare Facilities

The experienced designers at United Medical Products, Inc. are highly skilled at creating the best plans to integrate our clients’ equipment, spaces, processes and people. Our approach to developing optimal designs and space plans involves steps like (but not exclusive to):

  • Determining your design requirements & SLD Technology product needs – We will work closely with you to identify your facility’s needs, staff’s workflow, the budget, time constraints and objectives. This allows us to steer you towards the right SLD Technology products and the optimal design for your space and needs.
  • Visiting the facility – We will measure and assess the space and seek input from staff and/or patients to gain as much insight as possible. This enables us to fully customize the design while assuring long-term satisfaction with the results.
  • Developing a custom, optimal design for the space – We will create a detailed design geared towards enhancing efficiency, functionality, workflow and productivity.
  • Building the design out into a 3D model – This can be helpful to visualizing the design and providing important feedback. It can also help our engineers build out the design.
  • Developing a plan and timeline for building out the design and completing the project – We will provide you with a detailed plan and timeline for all work necessary to install your SLD Technology products and finish building out the space. Once the plan is approved, our team will get to work building out the design.

Backed by the best available training and product installation practices, United Medical Products, Inc. can develop designs for the full line of SLD Technology products, including:

  • Modular OR Ceiling Systems
  • Modular Pharmacy Ceiling Systems
  • LED Light & Airflow Diffusers.

For more than 40 years, United Medical Products, Inc. has been working with all types of healthcare facilities to design optimal space plans for:

  • Emergency Rooms
  • Exam Rooms
  • Hybrid Rooms
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Labor & Delivery Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • Outpatient Surgical Suites
  • More.

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An experienced medical technology consultant at United Medical Products, Inc. is ready to discuss your SLD Technology product needs and deliver the best design solutions.

Call (724) 327-8600 or (800) 245-4842 or email us. Our team is ready to answer your questions, explain the options and help you determine what is most efficient for your facility.

As a leading distributor of SLD Technology products in the tristate area, United Medical Products, Inc. is focused on creating a better, cleaner and more integrated environment for our clients. We are proud to offer our clients:

  • State-of-the-art products and equipment
  • Innovative, custom design solutions
  • Superior, comprehensive equipment service, including installation, training, maintenance and repairs.

United Medical Products, Inc. is dedicated to improving the efficiency, accuracy and care provided at healthcare facilities. We have an enduring record of delivering custom solutions to help our clients make the crucial changes their patients, employees and bottom line need.