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chemDAQ Steri-Trac Area Monitoring

AreaM3 by chemDAQSteri-Trac Area Monitors are complete gas detection instruments. With compact size and weighing only 2.5 pounds, SteriTrac monitors can be installed in areas close to the source but also near the workers’ breathing zone for improved safety assurance and accurate, timely detection.

Features and Benefits

  • Single point or Multi-Point/ Multi-Gas Systems provide versatility to meet worker safety requirements today and as your monitoring needs change. Configurable to support 28 different gases including Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone.
  • While some systems report gas concentrations only at a central console, each Steri-Trac monitor displays its own gas readings so workers know what is happening in each particular area
  • Intuitive LED display of gas concentrations plus clear audible and visual alerts improve staff productivity because they will know when each area is safe
  • Each Steri-Trac area monitor can power up to three Remote Display Repeaters so users know it’s safe before they enter a room
  • Supports Intrinsically safe installations (in conjunction with Remote Sensor) for Class 1, Division 1,
    Zone 0
  • Exchangeable EnviroCell™ Sensor Modules ensure reliable and accurate gas readings through ChemDAQ’s SXP® Sensor Calibration / Exchange Program.
  • Dry contact relay outputs enable connecting the area monitors to existing facility maintenance and alarm systems for automatic notification and control.
  • Steri-Trac monitors can be tied to ChemDAQ’s DAQ™ Central Monitoring System to continuously
    Gather, Analyze, Report and Display toxic gas readings

Functional Description:

  • Microcontroller – based design
  • 4 character, 1 ½”, tri-color LED, alpha numeric display
  • Reports gas concentration in 0.1 parts per million (ppm) for Ethylene Oxide, 0.1 ppm for Hydrogen Peroxide, and 0.02 ppm for Ozone
  • 2 user-adjustable alarm limits display Hi (Red alert) and Low (Yellow alert).
  • Extra loud Audible Alert horn provides alerts over background noise; an integral silence button deactivates the audible alert while visual alarm continues to indicate status for as long as gas concentration exceeds the alarm threshold.
  • 2 Dry Contact relay alarm outputs
  • RS-485 for communications with DAQ – Central Monitoring System
  • Accepts ChemDAQ EnviroCell Sensor Modulesproviding versatility with selectivity. Models are available for detection of up to 28 different gases including EtO, H2O2 and Ozone.
    • ‘Unique sensor module design provides for Hot Swap of pre-calibrated sensors in seconds
    • SXP® factory calibration using sensor module internal memory
    • Internal batteries in sensor module provide rapid start up when installed on area monitor
  • Automatic temperature and altitude adjustments improve accuracy of gas reading.
  • Steri-Trac’s unique universal wall box, which houses the instruments’ power supply and communications terminal, makes the unit easily serviceable in the unlikely event that a field repair becomes necessary.
  • 110/220V 60/50Hz AC Power, via outlet or hard wired.
  • Each Steri-Trac Area Monitor can power up to 3 Steri-Trac Remote Display Repeaters.

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